Crane Hollow Goldens (Oakville, Connecticut)

  • 196 Di Nunzio Rd, Oakville, CT 06779
  • +1 203-982-7010
  • Rated 3.2/5 with 33 verified reviews.
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Crane Hollow Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Crane Hollow is a golden retriever breeder that is highly recommended by satisfied customers. They provide a stress-free and accommodating experience, allowing potential buyers to visit and play with the puppies multiple times.

Customers have praised the breeder for their reasonable prices, excellent communication, and the overall health and quality of their dogs. However, there are a few negative reviews that mention concerns about the breeder's practices.

It is important to note that one reviewer experienced the heartbreaking loss of their dog due to a health issue, which they attribute to the breeder. Another review mentions unsanitary conditions and suggests that the breeder operates as a puppy mill.

Additionally, there are complaints about poor customer service and unfulfilled promises regarding puppy selection and communication. While the positive reviews highlight the breeder's commitment to quality and care, the negative reviews raise valid concerns that potential customers should consider.

Crane Hollow Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Dawn Ciappetta

Dom is A fur baby expert!! His focus is on quality puppies that go to good homes. He is a caring man, that is protective of his litters and the parents. Sometimes people come second, because of his love for the puppies he is responsible for and the commitment he has to the pups. Don’t take him the wrong way he has a heart of gold.


Kaitlyn Piombino

We got our sweet boy from this breeder. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a golden retriever. We just had our vet visit yesterday and Toby has a perfect bill of health. The vet even said he doesn’t often say that about pure bred puppies. Toby is so wonderful, and we are so happy. The process was easy, great communication too from Dom too.


kristine Buonocore

We had a great experience, Dom was very accommodating and we were able to come back multiple times to play with the pups. He made the entire process stress free, was very reasonable and we got the best dog. Our pup is a beautiful golden, he’s great with our young kids, easily trained and very healthy. We are so glad we found crane hollow & highly recommend them!


Christine Austen

Buyer Beware. We put a deposit on a puppy in September and were assured that we would have first choice of a female for Daisy’s litter. Made the trip from NY to visit the pups on November 20 and were told that we would be contacted when it was time to pick up the puppy. No date was provided, just told that we would be contacted.

Never heard anything from Dom until I contacted him yesterday, “must have been a misunderstanding” but we could have the last female left or get a refund for the deposit. I elected to get the refund which was promised within 30 minutes. Still waiting. To say that this is a poorly run business is an understatement. The breeder was dismissive when we visited and did not give us the time of day. The negative reviews on this site are spot on. Very disappointing to say the least.


Jennifer Alena

We just put down our beautiful boy Buddy , who was diagnosed with renal dysplasia at nine months old we got from this breeder. His chip number was 45 and he was born on July 1, 2020 and we picked him up August 28, 2020. His parents were Lily and Buddy. We didn’t read the reviews until after the fact, and by then we were already in love with this dog, and would never ever think of returning him, and we did the best to take care of him but I just wanted to let people know he sells terminally ill dogs. My heart is broken and I would hate to see any other family go through this ordeal. It cost us thousands of dollars to keep him alive and well and we would not have traded him in for anything because he was such a good boy, but it was a horrible experience. He was my first dog and I only got to be with him for three years because of this terrible disease. This person should be shut down. He has a puppy mill and doesn’t care about the dogs or his customers. Heartless and cruel to not be careful if you’re selling sick dogs. Would never ever recommend this breeder to anyone.


Erica V.

While we got a great dog from this breeder I would never recommend them. Our puppy was sick when we got him home and had several infections from unsanitary conditions. The pack of breeding dogs were all outside in the freezing cold and there were many, many litters. This is basically a puppy mill. Please do not support.