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Cove Angels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Cove Angel is a breeder that has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have had positive experiences, noting that the puppies they received were healthy, well-tempered, and well-behaved.

They appreciate the guidance and care provided by Kerry and Michael before bringing their new puppy home. These customers highly recommend Cove Angels to others looking for a doodle of any breed.

However, there are negative reviews as well. One customer raised concerns about the breeder operating as a puppy mill, citing multiple red flags including a foul odor, a large number of puppies of different ages and breeds, and a lack of transparency about the parent dogs and living conditions.

Another customer regretfully ignored these red flags and ended up with a puppy with many health issues, including parasites and a urinary tract infection. Despite their efforts to house train the puppy, they have been unsuccessful and believe that the conditions at Cove Angels negatively impacted the puppy's ability to learn proper behavior.

Another negative review highlights a genetic disorder found in a Goldendoodle purchased from Cove Angels, accusing the breeder of knowingly passing on this disorder without informing buyers. The customer experienced high veterinary costs and was denied by the breeder that their puppy came from Cove Angels, despite having evidence of purchase.

This review raises concerns about the breeder's professionalism and honesty. Overall, potential customers should take note of both the positive and negative reviews before considering purchasing a puppy from Cove Angel.

While some customers have had positive experiences with healthy and well-behaved puppies, others have had negative experiences with health issues and concerns about the breeder's practices. It is important to thoroughly research and visit the breeder before making a decision, trusting one's own instincts and seeking out other reputable breeders if necessary.

Cove Angels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Meredith McKenna

Our puppy is now 20 months old. She is a golden doodle and we can’t be happier with our experience with Cove Angels. The communication before we brought her home was amazing and started off a great relationship with Cove Angels. When we met Kerry and Michael we knew how wonderful our new puppy was going to be. The guidance and care provided before she even came home set her on a path to being the best girl she can be! We have been blessed to continue our relationship with Cove Angels and we recommend them to everyone we meet and know who mentions wanting a doodle of any breed. There is nowhere better then COVE ANGELS- if you are interested in well behaved and well mannered puppies before you even bring them home- this is the place for you! ‍


Tori Currier

We have gotten 2 wonderful family dogs from Cove Angel. Both very healthy and well tempered for a busy family with 2 small children. Kerry was wonderful helping us get started with training and everyone is always jealous of these beautiful, sweet pups!


Suzanne Rutter

We love cove angels so much we got Two dogs!! By far the best dogs we’ve ever come across and it’s directly related to the amazing TLC given by Kerri and Michael! I would get 5 more dogs if my husband would let me!! Cove angels is hands down the best breeder in the area!!


Jane McFarland

I am severely disappointed in the lack of professionalism and irresponsibility this breeder has shown. Kerry Angell, of Cove Angels, is breeding Goldendoodles that have a genetic disorder and she does not alert buyers that their puppy may suffer from a congenital deformity. I paid $2,200 for a Goldendoodle from one of her litters in June of 2014 and within 6 weeks I noticed an issue with the puppy’s eye. I took him to two Veterinarians who diagnosed a problem called Nictatating Membrane Cartilage. This genetic deformity requires surgical correction and costs over $2,000, with no guarantee the problem will be completely resolved . When I notified Kerry about the eye deformity and that it is likely to be passed on to other puppies through her breeding business, she denied that my puppy came from Cove Angels. I was shocked – I have the paperwork and the canceled check to prove that he was purchased from one of her litters. Please be forewarned – Kerry of Cove Angels is knowingly passing on a genetic disorder through her breeding business and charging top dollar for puppies who initially appear to be healthy, but may suffer from inherited physical problems as they become older. She runs a dishonest and unhealthy practice.


Molly Byman

If I had trusted my instincts I never would have purchased our puppy from Cove Angels. I ignored all the red flags because we got caught up in the excitement of owning one of the adorable puppies.

The first red flag was the odor. When I entered Kerry’s house, I was met with a foul odor, but trying to remain non-judgmental, I assumed it was just the way a house full of dogs smells. I ignored it. However, when we were viewing the puppies, they were peeing and pooping all over the carpeted family room, and Kerry didn’t care. My throat actually burned after visiting with the dogs.

The second red flag was the sheer number of puppies available to us. Kerry’s house is average size, but there were puppies of all ages. In one visit we saw several adult dogs running in the yard, and several litters. There were 4 day-old puppies, 4 week-old puppies, 9 week-old puppies, 12 week-old puppies, 4 month-old puppies and this was just a sampling. I was never invited downstairs, but I shudder to think how many dogs were kept in that basement.

The third red flag was waving the day we picked up our puppy. At first Kerry brought us the wrong puppy, and then she did it again. She had no record of the puppy we had painstakingly selected. When she was filling out the contract, she didn’t know who the mother of our puppy was. Finally, she scribbled some name down, but I’m still not certain it is the actual mother of our puppy. I was never allowed to see the mother, only the father.

If my radar wasn’t up by now, it was when I looked at the contract and noticed that the Golden Doodle we paid over $2,100. for was actually a cross between a Golden Doodle and Labradoodle. We were very clear that we wanted a Golden Doodle. At this point my 2 children had fallen in love with Luna, and we didn’t want to give her up, so we ignored the misrepresentation.

The final red flag was when we took Luna out to potty before she got in the car for the hour long ride to our house. We were told that she had never been outside once since she was born 9 weeks ago. It was too cold. Well, yes it was cold and it was still cold when we brought Luna home, but we somehow managed to take her out 20 times a day despite the New England weather. Luna acted like a deer in headlights when she stepped on snow for the first time. She never did potty before the car ride because she obviously had no idea that dogs pee outside.

Sadly, our problems only worsened once we got Luna home. She had a nasty case of parasites which took 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear up. She was peeing and pooping in her crate every day for the first 2 weeks. Luna certainly wasn’t proving to be the house trained dog we were promised.

After that Luna developed/had a urinary tract infection, which also took 2 rounds of antibiotics to cure. The only reason I discovered the UTI was because she was constantly peeing all over the house and I called my vet because I was afraid I was giving her too much water. The vet ordered a round of tests because she said what we were experiencing with Luna was not normal.

Now Luna is almost 7 months old, and despite the private and group training classes, and our herculean efforts to train her, Luna still isn’t house broken. She pees in the house every day, even thought she is watched vigilantly, taken out constantly and fed on a schedule. We have read every piece of literature on the house breaking and asked every expert, and we can’t get the problem under control.

I have come to the realization, that we bought a very expensive puppy mill dog. The instinct to relieve herself outside was destroyed because of the inhumane conditions that Luna lived in for 9 weeks. We are at our wits end trying to house break our Cove Angel puppy. The last straw was when we called Kerry and sent her a letter alerting her to the health issues Luna has experienced, and we never heard back.

If i had to do it all over again, I would never have bought a puppy from Cove Angels.
There are many wonderful breeders out there, so seek them out and trust your instincts!


Lisa O'Brien

We visited this place about a year ago. Lots and lots of red flags. She had way too many puppies of different ages and different breeds. We weren’t allowed to see the mom or where the puppies were kept. The smell was insanely bad. While we wanted to take every cute puppy she showed to us, our gut was telling us something wasn’t right. Pretty sure this is a very expensive puppy mill.