Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch (Elizabeth, Colorado)

  • 905 Private Rd 112, Elizabeth, CO 80107
  • +1 303-358-7959
  • Rated 4.6/5 with 125 verified reviews.
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Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Colorado’s Finest Kennels is highly recommended by satisfied customers who have purchased puppies from them. The breeders are professional, helpful, and the puppies are well taken care of and loved.

One customer specifically mentions that their yellow Lab is healthy with no medical problems as assured by the breeders. Another happy customer highlights that their Goldendoodle has been a gift and recommends the breeder over AKC.

However, there is also a negative review stating dissatisfaction with the breeder's responses and vague answers to questions. Additionally, one customer shares a heartbreaking experience of their black lab developing serious health conditions due to bad breeding and genetics.

Finally, a potential customer expresses concern about the breeder's "first come" system, opting to go elsewhere.

Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Zach Dyment

December 11th 2021 Goldador litter. We had a great experience going through the process of getting our first dog, Marvin. We know that there were a few siblings in his litter, we would love to connect if you have one of his brothers or sisters!


Denis Bensard

Our yellow Lab is amazing. She now 2 years old and she is so sweet. I’m so happy we went with CFK. She is healthy and has no medical problems as the breeders confidently assured us. The Vet tell us she is the picture of health! She has been a gift. If you’re thinking AKC please consider CFK.
Thank you


Sarah Dane

We got our Goldendoodle, Boone, from Colorado’s Finest Kennels and couldn’t be happier! Very professional and helpful breeders and we have the best boy! Pups are clearly taken care of and loved! I would definitely recommend checking out their amazing pups!


Hayden Cahill

I was seriously considering buying a Golden Retriever from this breeder. However, after speaking with the breeders and after reading their Yelp reviews I will be going elsewhere to buy a Golden. I did not like the responses I received from the breeder and I felt like I was somehow annoying them and the answers I received to questions I had were very vague and abrupt. Also, before you buy from them read their Yelp reviews. Yelp will give you honest reviews about this breeder. No thanks!


Julia Griffin

Like a couple others who recently posted reviews, I contacted Colorado’s Finest Kennel and Ranch about a month prior to a litter of puppies being ready to go. I was told I couldn’t make an appointment to see them until the day they were ready. She would not take a deposit either…”first come basis”. That sounded pretty odd, as most breeders are happy to take a deposit and most reputable ones also have a wait list. Colorados Finest Kennel and Ranch is a poorly run business. I’m glad I trusted my intuition and went elsewhere instead of hoping I actually had a chance with her “first come” system.


Morgan Richter

My family and I purchased a black lab from this breeder around 4 years ago. When we first picked him up he was super tiny and looked very underweight. He grew up to be the most loving dog and became my best friend, after 2 years he started showing signs of heart issues. We took him to the vet since he was a puppy regularly and was told we are doing everything correct. He started having seizures after going on walks because his heart was so bad. He was diagnosed with heart failure at 3 years old and had tons of fluid building up in his lungs. The vet told us he had multiple health conditions that stemmed from bad breeding and genetics. Unfortunately my sweet boy passed away while taking him on a walk, he was so excited and that alone stopped his heart. I hope whoever is seeing this review can take a minute to read this and turn away from this awful breeder. My family and I are traumatized and beyond heartbroken. He was not only a dog, but my best friend. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS BREEDER. They will continue to profit and breed more dogs with fatal health conditions which will in turn, heartbreak families. Please do your research and take a deeper look into how this place breeds their dogs. Rest In Peace my sweet boy.