Cold Spring Labradors (Cold Spring, New York)

  • 6 Babbling Brook Ln, Cold Spring, NY 10516
  • +1 917-971-2350
  • Rated 4/5 with 4 verified reviews.
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Cold Spring Labradors Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder, Carol and Anna Gray of Cold Spring Labradors, is highly praised by customers for providing a great experience and high-quality puppies. They are knowledgeable about the breeds they have and offer support throughout the entire process.

Customers appreciate their quick responses, attentiveness, and follow-up to check on the puppies even after they are taken home. The puppies from Cold Spring Labradors are described as happy, healthy, and a perfect example of their breed.

The breeder is recognized for their caring and quality care for the puppies. Customers also mention that the puppies have great temperaments and fit well into their families.

Overall, customers highly recommend Cold Spring Labradors for those in search of a puppy.

Cold Spring Labradors Reviews

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Vincent Tonyes

As a long time Lab owner, I have to say Cold Spring Labradors is one of the best. The time and consideration that they put into breeding is outstanding. We took home the most perfect pup recently and we couldn’t be happier, she is perfect. I recommend this breeder to anyone! Thank you


Dana Harrington

Great experience! we absolutely love our new puppy! He’s happy , healthy, and perfect example of what a English Labrador should be! Carol and Anna Gray are very knowledgeable on the breeds they have and are there to help every step of the way even after you pick the puppy up. We will definitely be checking out their English Bulldog Litter this Christmas season.


Linda Snow

We got our little lab from Cold Spring Labradors two weeks ago. From the time we first reached out until after she came home, they have been wonderful. Anna was quick to respond and answered all of our questions and has followed up to check in on her since she has been home. It was evident that they cared very much for the little one and gave them loving and quality care from the moment they arrived. Our lab is healthy, sweet, gentle, she is wonderful with other animals and so excited to play with them. She has fit right in with our family from the moment she arrived. She has an amazing temperment and is a beautiful English Lab. Thank you Cold Spring Labradors.