Charms Goldens (Pylesville, Maryland)

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Charms Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Ginny Boyle and Jennifer Grant, the founders of Charms Goldens, are highly respected and experienced golden retriever breeders. They have a combined 50 years of experience in breeding, showing, judging, and handling golden retrievers.

They are known for producing the sweetest, most beautiful, and high-quality confirmation, obedience, and companion Goldens. They have bred hundreds of champions and have a waiting list of repeat customers, which speaks to their reputation and the quality of their dogs.

Previous customers commend Ginny and Jennifer for their dedication, knowledge, and advice in raising and training their dogs. Some customers have had their Charms Goldens for over 20 years and consider them to be the best dogs they have ever had.

Another customer highlights the impact that Ginny and Jennifer have had on them, their family, and their own children. They express difficulty finding a breeder like Charms in California and express their intention to contact Charms for their next golden retriever.

There is one negative review from a customer who had a negative experience with Charms Goldens. They claim that after going through a lengthy process and being on the waitlist for a puppy, they were informed at the last minute that they could not adopt a puppy due to concerns about their city living situation.

This customer expresses disappointment, feeling hurt, and refers to the communication as rude and unprofessional. Overall, the reviews for Charms Goldens are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the breeders for their knowledge, dedication, and the quality of their dogs.

Potential customers would find the positive reviews helpful in understanding the breeders' expertise and reputation, while the negative review highlights an area of concern that future customers may want to consider.

Charms Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Melissa Hunter

Absolutely the best breeder! We purchased my childhood dog from Ginny and Jennifer when I was 14 (20 years ago now). That dog grew up with me until I got married and had a baby of my own. Literally the best dog ever (summer). She was the most beautiful, loving companion.

Some of my core childhood memories are from going to Jennifer’s puppy kindergarten classes to work on training and agility. Now that I live in CA with two kids of my own, i’m having an awful time finding a breeder like this. No one puts as much care and pride into raising beautiful, healthy dogs as Ginny and Jennifer do. I’m going to be looking for another golden soon and they’ll be my first call. <3 thank you for having such an impact on me and for giving our family such a gift!


Rennie Friedlander

Ginny Boyle and Jennifer Grant are among the finest and top golden retriever breeders in America. They have 50 years experience breeding, showing, judging and handling. They produce the sweetest, most beautiful, high-quality confirmation, obedience and companion Goldens. They’ve bred hundreds of champions.
My husband, Brian, daughter, Emily and I have been blessed with 4 perfect Charms Goldens. Our family isn’t complete without these precious, loving and extraordinarily smart dogs. It’s understandable that excellent, long-time, breeders have waiting lists of repeat customers. This is the case with Charms. We respect Ginny and Jennifer for being uncompromising and choosey when it comes to placing their dogs in the hands of new owners. It’s a privilege to own a Charms golden. These dogs are the heart of the family, and they deserve to live their best life.
Ginny and Jennifer are devoted, extremely knowledgable and experienced. They have given us countless hours of advice, training and education, all out of love for their dogs. We’ve known them and witnessed their dedication to the breed for over 30 years. Highest recommendation.


Alyssa Frock

I am posting this from the founder of Charms Goldens.

I am Virginia Boyle founder of Charms Golden’s since 1972 now in Pylesville MD.

Over 50 years in Golden’s as a breeder, exhibitor, AKC judge, mentor to many new comers.
I find myself at this time having to defend my reputation due to the fact I was taken advantage by the owner of Vixena Golden’s. I was made aware of negative reviews and I want to clarify the record straight.
Vixena Golden’s of Frederick MD is not affiliated with Charms Golden ,nor myself in anyway. She purchased a Charms dog from another breeder that owned one of my dogs . Courtney then asked for help to aspire to become a breeder, exhibitor of Golden Retrievers.
It is my opinion that Courtney lacks the knowledge and experience to be a responsible breeder. She lacks in ability to interviewing the buyers and raise the puppies. The reviews are from people she interviewed and turned down or became rude to during interviews.
I was not always present when she did interviews on line or phone or just did not answer them. I ‘am sorry they had to experience that kind of treatment.

As I said she is not affiliated with Charms.


Matt Sawicki


I worked with charms goldens for about a year in order to adopt a puppy from them. I live in a beautiful and safe neighborhood in baltimore, but needed to be very up front with any breeder I spoke with that I live in a city and would have obstacles. With charms, we talked this over through several months , completed the interview, and were ecstatic to be on the wait list for the next litter. Once the pups were born, we were contacted and notified that we would be able to adopt from this litter, and Courtney sent us almost daily updates on the puppies progress as they were growing up prior to adoption – and cashed our deposit to commit to proceeding with this process. Finally the week came when we would be able to pick up the newest member of our family. We went in to meet the pups in person, picked out ours, and rushed home to get the house set up for that weekend when we could invite him into our home. That night I received a call that Courtney had changed her mind and we could not move forward with the adoption progress because of where we lived and her concerns about the dogs safety. This was the first we had heard of the concern, this company had given dogs to our neighbors in the area in the past, but without any further explanation, they withdrew and became unresponsive. My wife and I have never been more hurt. I am disgusted and horrified by the actions of this company and embarrassed to have been strung along by them for a year. I wasted my time and emotions on this situation and really can’t believe that they are in this business. They lack bare minimum human decency and I would not advise anyone to contact this company for their services.


Paris Family

Very rude and unprofessional communication. Avoid!