Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers (Plano, Texas)

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Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers have had a positive experience with Carmel Bliss and have praised the breeder for their communication and knowledge of the breed. The 8-week puppy time with the mother is well-handled, resulting in happy and social puppies.

The adoption process is professional and organized, with clear contracts. Customers appreciate that the Carmel Bliss dogs have OFA clearance.

The breeder is accommodating and always available for questions or concerns. The website is detailed and informative.

However, there have been some concerns raised about process changes during the adoption process and setting flight dates. Overall, customers highly recommend Carmel Bliss for their healthy and well-bred golden retriever puppies.

Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Sarah Lloyd

Every step of the way, Carmel Bliss was a wonderful experience. Ashlee was kind, professional, helpful, patient, and clearly dedicated to finding the right forever homes for these puppies. We gained a healthy, intelligent, energetic dog who loves everyone she meets, and also a community of other golden retriever lovers.


Lauren Schnitzer

Recently I brought home a puppy from Carmel Bliss and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Ashlee was incredibly accommodating and always took the time to call me if I had a question or concern. I couldn’t be happier with my puppy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carmel Bliss to friends and family!


Sonya Gass

We do have a Carmel Bliss puppy and very pleased we chose to work with Carmel Bliss. The communication and knowledge of the breed was very clear on our first conversation. The 8 weeks of puppy time with its mom is very thoughtfully handled and led to a very happy social puppy to bring home. The contract is very clear and organized. The adoption process was handled very professionally on day of pick up and super organized. Read the contract, ask questions if not clear. Ashlee is very willing to help make sure the details are understood. A healthy happy puppy was a priority to us. Knowing that the Carmel Bliss dogs have OFA clearance was important to us. Carmel Bliss dogs have all 4 OFA test and their CHIC number.


David Robbins

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Ashlee in obtaining a puppy. While I voluntarily chose to not obtain the puppy, I wanted to share a review.


1. Her website is extremely detailed. Whether it was business process or useful tips, I could find anything and everything quickly. It is immaculate and leaps and bounds better than everything else I came across during my search.
2. She is quick to communicate via text message and phone call. Forget as a business owner, that is a difficult quality to find when speaking to friends, family, and colleagues.
3. While I cant speak to the pedigree and health of the dogs and puppies, I generally trust (through interactions) that they were in good health and they breed capable puppies.


1. During the process, at times there were process changes that caused me concern and confusion. For example, changing how priority registration would operate.
2. While I do understand the circumstances that led to what I’m going to write (and won’t rehash), I believe that firmly setting a flight date after birth (even if that meant they would eventually be driven) vs. waiting until the puppies are 4 weeks old would setup your clients for success in obtaining airline tickets. As a potential customer, I was a bit disappointed in how this was handled and led to some unnecessary stress.
3. While I agreed to a non-refundable deposit during the puppy contract and, to an extent, understand the importance of it, circumstances outside of a customer’s control happen which require plans to unfortunately change. My suggestion would be for the business to refund the customer their money (all or partial) if another customer can take over the newly open puppy slot. Otherwise, it appears the deposit is being kept for basically no action.