Camp Bow Wow Hoboken (Hoboken, New Jersey)

  • 1414 Grand St Suite 101, Hoboken, NJ 07030
  • +1 201-503-4622
  • Rated 4.5/5 with 89 verified reviews.
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  • Monday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Tuesday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Thursday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM-7 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM-7 PM

Camp Bow Wow Hoboken Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Camp Bow Wow is a highly recommended breeder for golden retrievers. Customers appreciate the live feed of their dogs' activities and the overall cleanliness of the facility.

The staff is friendly, caring, and takes breaks when necessary for the dogs. One customer even mentioned the amazing pictures with Santa.

However, there were a few negative reviews regarding the lack of supervision and communication. These reviews should be taken into consideration by potential customers.

Camp Bow Wow Hoboken Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Stefanie Green

Camp Bow Wow has been our preferred place for doggy daycare after trying another local Hoboken business (Playful Paws). We enjoy that we are able to view live feed of our dog’s activities, confirming that she is well cared for throughout the day. We have had no issues since joining!


Josslyn Cornejo

I had an amazing experience with camp bow wow. I left my dog here for Fourth of July break and she adjusted well, the staff were caring and informative. Would recommend to anyone for dog boarding needs!


sarah watson

We love Camp Bow Wow! The staff is so friendly and kind. They always remember my dog Loki and we only come to Camp Bow Wow on occasion when we will be away from home for a long time. It is so clean! I always check up on my pup via the cameras. The staff is always making sure the area is clean and the dogs are happy! They even make sure to give my little guy a break when he needs one. This week they had pictures with Santa and they came out AMAZING! I recommend Camp Bow Wow to all my friends. I feel so comfortable leaving my baby in their care. He always comes home happy and exhausted!


Rachel Butensky

Horrible communication. Owner is unfriendly, disrespectful, and has a complete lack of empathy for his clients.
I left my dog for day care for the first time knowing that I would be working late. I did not know the business closed completely at 7pm, and thought someone was at the facility 24/7 given that their website states “24/7 monitoring”. I didn’t receive a single phone call telling me they were closing, or asking me where I was, nor did any of my alternate contacts and only saw an email from 15 minutes after they closed telling me they were keeping my dog for boarding. I didn’t leave any food or medication with them so they had no reason to believe I intended on leaving her. I tried calling them repeatedly once I recognized my mistake- which yes I take full ownership that I should have realized their closing time, again I thought “24/7 monitoring” meant someone is in the building at all times- and nobody answered. There was not even an emergency number for some sort of worse situation. When I went in the morning to pick up my dog, I simply wanted to know why I wasn’t contacted prior to closing or once they realized I missed pick up time. I fully intended to pay for the boarding and leave as soon as possible. The owner responded aggressively accusing me of being a horrible dog parent, being completely irresponsible, and debasing my entire character. I fully admit I made a mistake, but the fact that he took my clear frustration and distress over the situation and took zero responsibility is unforgivable.


jemal patel

If you love your dog this is not the place for you. Dogs are literally herded in packs of 20 with only 1 person watching over them. My puppy even got a cut on his nose that we were not notified of until we picked him up. No one is watching over them if you are boarding overnight. You basically just pay for your dog to be in their space no decent care provided.


Christopher S

Very poor communication. I knew I was going to be in town for one week in the second week of July 2021. I have been reaching out to this business through phone calls and emails since June 16 to schedule a dog interview. When I was finally able to get someone on the phone this past weekend, they said the earliest time they have to set up an interview is the week after we leave.