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Brightleaf Doodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Brightleaf Goldendoodles is a highly recommended breeder known for their exceptional care and knowledge in the breeding process. Customers appreciate the expertise and support provided by Devin, the breeder.

They mention that Devin is extremely knowledgeable about the development of the puppies and offers helpful advice and recommendations for training and care. The breeder maintains open lines of communication through texting and zoom meetings, providing regular updates and adorable videos of the puppies' growth.

Customers feel that Devin goes above and beyond to ensure a good fit between the puppy and their family through temperament testing and personalized recommendations. They also appreciate that the breeder does not charge based on gender or coat type, allowing everyone to pay the same amount.

Customers mention that their puppies from Brightleaf Goldendoodles have had an easy transition to their new homes, quickly adapting to crate training and potty training. The breeder is also commended for providing helpful items and support after the puppy comes home.

One reviewer mentions their plan to get another dog from the breeder in the future. Overall, customers highly recommend Brightleaf Goldendoodles for their excellent breeding process, personalized attention, and quality puppies.

Brightleaf Doodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


samii hartman

My boyfriend and I cannot say enough good things about Devin and Brightleaf Goldendoodles!!!

She was a joy from the start. We had previously applied with another breeder and did not have a great experience. We seriously think that all happened so that we could meet Devin and get our perfect pup. From our first conversation with her, we knew how much care she put in to the breeding process as well as who is actually taking the puppies home.

Devin is extremely knowledgeable about the development of the little doods and can answer any question you have. My boyfriend had a dog for 13 years while this is my first dog. I was quite nervous but excited and Devin really made me feel ready.

Our dog is perfect. Seriously we have followed what Devin has recommended- which includes the training program from Baxter and Bella (which she gives you a lifetime membership for!) and that that has been EXTREMELY helpful. I personally loved that she was always open to texting so that I could ask a quick question about what to buy or be prepared for. We also had a couple zoom meetings with her to ask questions and see the pups. Throughout the 8 weeks she provided us with updates and she makes the most adorable little videos! It’s so fun to watch them grow. Especially since we live in Los Angeles and they are out in North Carolina, it was so great to be informed.

We plan on staying in close contact with Devin as we see her as a part of our family now. It’s funny that just under 5 months ago we didn’t have our little guy and now I can’t imagine life without him. What did we do before him?! We’ve already planned that we will get another dog from Devin in the next couple years. Crossing our fingers!

Something that I really love about Devin and her breeding process is that she does not charge by their gender or coat. With our group, everyone pays the same amount, and you pick your pup in order of the deposit is received. This allows for you to watch the pups grow and see their personality. She even does a temperament test with them!! You fill out a questionnaire and she makes suggestions on which dog she thinks will be the best fit for your family. We started off as the last pick of the litter, then slowly moved up to third last and I can honestly tell you that we got our perfect dog. He is the exact perfect fit.

Don’t hesitate to move forward with Brightleaf Goldendoodles!


Tia Burr

The only thing better than working with Devin was the amazing puppy who joined my family! This is my 2nd dog and I can definitely tell the difference between the way Devin cared for this litter and the way my first dog was taken care of. My new puppy had a good relationship with his crate from the beginning, was able to go potty outside w/o much coaxing from day one, and was sleeping through the night within a few days! My puppy and his litter were properly and intentionally exposed to everything they needed by the time they were ready for their forever homes and it made the process from that point forward so much less stressful for the humans and the puppies! On top of that, Devin was SO helpful in helping me get adjusted after my puppy came home and she provided so many helpful items at no additional charge! This experience was worth every penny and I would absolutely return if I wanted another puppy!


Beverly Bell

Where to I start… I feel like our family was saved, seriously by Brightleaf Goldendoodles and Devin. We had lost our first family dog, a Goldendoodle, after 15 years and we were devastated – our boys didn’t remember life without her and our lives revolved her. My youngest, in his senior year of high school and at the heights of Covid, wanted to have a new furbaby before he went to school, we were reluctant as our hearts were broken, but I did open up to the idea. I searched the entire country, even Canada, no one called me back or replied to my voice and electronic messages. Devin called me back the very next morning and we clicked immediately, she was so empathic and understood through my tears what we wanted and needed. Her kindness and thoughtful process made it so much easier for me and my family.
We were so excited and followed the instructions to get on the list and I had endless questions and sent many messages and they were answered thoroughly and quickly, and the photos and videos that were posted were amazing. You could see and hear what a wonderful and loving environment the puppies were in and the stimulation to keep them calm and learning and growing to be fabulous members of the family. The matching to the character traits we wanted and needed was spot on, and the evaluation was exact and it helped us to make the perfect choice for our family – even our vet’s amazed at how they are able to work with him. I credit that to the program that the puppies go through from birth, the Baxter & Bella Training Program and all the advance support that is given to the puppies and parents that is provided.
We feel so fortunate and blessed to have found Devin, she understood my desire for a therapy dog and has continued to help and guide me down the right path. I was so excited when I picked up our puppy that I asked her before I left that night about getting on the list for our second furbaby. I have still have the same excitement as I did since my first conversation and I have recommended Devin and Brightleaf to everyone I talk to and I wouldn’t go to another breeder, why would I when I found the very best. They, Devin and her family, have become a part of our family – my heart and home are always open for these loving people that helped heal our hearts and souls. Thank you Devin and family – we are so blessed to have found you!


Sharlene Heyward

Not sure how this breeder was rated so high. My husband & I called today, 04/02/21, for some very generic information about Brightleaf’s Goldendoodles breeding process. Unfortunately, the lady that answered was EXTREMELY RUDE and really did NOT take the time to listen to us. We were trying to ask questions, she kept interrupting, and she would NOT let us talk. We said, we’re just trying to understand the process, maybe there is a misunderstanding on OUR part. She was easily offended because we said maybe WE misunderstood what you were saying. We were only trying to understand the online application process; but, she eventually HUNG UP on us. We were considering driving from Charlotte. Hard Pass on this Breeder. It’s all about first impressions! Look elsewhere…..Whew!

SWH Response: My response was not because you do not have available puppies. We are just starting our search. We’re not ready for a puppy yet. Had you taken the time to listen, you would have heard that part. 6 months to a year from now is fine with us. We stated that we misunderstood how to use your website. We took ownership, but you still HUNG UP ON US. Way to treat people that call your company. Is that your definition of customer service?