Biscuits & Bath – Greenwich Village (New York, New York)

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  • Rated 3.8/5 with 82 verified reviews.
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Biscuits & Bath – Greenwich Village Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

B&B is highly recommended by customers for their excellent daycare services. Dogs are well taken care of and come home happy and tired after a day of playing.

The staff is described as warm, personable, and helpful, providing a great experience for both dogs and owners. The breeder also offers boarding services, ensuring that dogs are well taken care of during their stay.

However, there is one negative review regarding a grooming incident where a dog's head was injured. The breeder's response includes a detailed timeline of events, but the customer remains dissatisfied.

Overall, B&B is praised for its daycare services but may have some issues in their grooming and boarding services that customers should be aware of.

Biscuits & Bath – Greenwich Village Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Shana Mandel

My very nervous and frightened Chihuahua mix whom I rescued a year ago absolutely thrives at this Biscuits and Bath location. She has made doggy friends and human friends. She receives the socialization I can’t give her any other way as she is apprehensive about dogs we encounter on our walks and she hates the dog run. Everyone at B&B is extremely sensitive to my sweet girl’s needs and she even found a boyfriend there (a French bulldog). The staff are amazing: kind, patient and absolutely dog loving. I can’t imagine any reason why I would stop using this Biscuits and Bath location.


Maria Bergenhem

The best daycare around! I know when I leave my dog here, he’ll be in good hands with lots of friends and staff that care about him. When I have to board him, I know he’ll be well taken care of. The staff is friendly and always go above and beyond for us. And my dog LOVES going here, drop-off is a breeze every time!


Maggie Cahill

We absolutely love B&B! My golden retriever, Hank, has been attending their daycare for the past few months. He always comes home happy and tired after a day of playing. The staff is incredibly warm, personable, and helpful. I would highly recommend taking your pup here!


Erica Katz

Do NOT bring your dog here. My dog went in for grooming and when I picked him up, the crown of his head was raw, bleeding, and oozing. I asked what happened because I wanted to know how to care for the wound. Did my dog move while he was getting groomed? Did the groomer slip? These things HAPPEN! They immediately told me he had been brought in with a hot spot there, which he had not (obviously – it would have been highly visible). This is when I became concerned for how my dog had been treated while there. After the staff changed their story three times about when the spot was noticed and what happened, I spoke with a manager who informed me the only thing the groomer was at fault for was not alerting me to the hot spot as soon as she saw it to avoid the situation of me questioning how he got it. I was growing increasingly concerned with my dog’s treatment, so I asked to see the tapes of his grooming. I was informed that for the privacy of their clients, this cannot be shared with me. This is legitimately the most absurd reason I’ve ever heard. Privacy rules obviously do not extend to pets – as though they’d be embarrassed to be seen in the bath! Moronic. A few days later I asked to see the tapes again, and in a lengthy letter inserted below, I was told the cameras had been offline at precisely the moments I needed to see. This is HORRIFYING. What in god’s name is going on behind closed doors to our animals at this place that we can’t see them being bathed? I repeat, do not send your pet here. It’s a terrifying place. PLEASE NOTE: D IS FOR DOGGY AND DOGGY STYLE BOTH A FEW BLOCKS AWAY ARE REPUTABLE BUSINESSES, UNLIKE THIS ONE.

The manager wrote:
The following is what was found:

Ollie was checked in for his reservation at 11:30am
The bather noticed an irritated area on Ollie’s head at check-in however did not communicate this to management or get an additional team member’s opinion
At this time the grooming room camera is off-line being serviced
At 11:58:35am the camera returns to an on-line status and continues to be worked on (not good visibility, camera is being remounted and positioned)
At 12:06:04pm the camera serving is completed (Ollie is not visible in the tub and is drying from his bath)
At 12:19:32pm Ollie is taken from the dryer and placed on the table for brushing and spa services, Ollie shows no signs of distress or pain
At 12:50pm Ollie received final check (to ensure coat is dry, all tangles have been brushed out)
At 12:55pm the spot on Ollie’s head is noticed by our senior groomer during final check
At 1:05:52pm the senior groomer leaves the room to tell management about Ollie’s head
At 1:24:58pm manager enters grooming room to get Ollie for pick-up
Ollie’s reservation is checked out at 1:29pm


Karina Marquez

I definitely don’t recommend bringing your pet here. Today I witnessed a worker here completely dragging a female chihuahua by the neck with its leash while the dog was squatted trying to pee. The walker did not even notice or care and he literally was dragging the poor dog by the neck across the crosswalk while the dog was squatted peeing. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know the guys name but he had dark curly hair and was wearing a blue shirt with the name of this company. I saw him again 10 minutes later without the dog so I assume he just finished his shift or something. Absolutely disgusting.


Grant Rutter

If you’re looking to send your dog to an overnight go somewhere else. My dog was not walked or fed correctly. My dog was sent home with food she was not fed. I expressed my concern in text messages to no response. When I spoke with the General Managers (Erin Lovett and Brian Annett) at this location and the FiDi location they tried to talk their way out of it. I have simple instructions and they were all ignored. They added walks the dog did not go on. If you do give them business, watch every single charge. For me, I would not recommend them and I don’t trust them with my dog.