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Best Puppies For Sale Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific breeder has received positive reviews from customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers have expressed their gratitude for the healthy condition of their puppies and have recommended the breeder to others.

They have also mentioned the smoothness of the entire process and the pleasant experience they had with the breeder. The breeder is described as knowledgeable, kind, patient, and supportive, going beyond just making a sale.

However, there is one negative review that accuses the breeder of being a puppy mill broker. The reviewer claims that the puppies come from puppy mills in other states, resulting in health issues and traumatic experiences for the puppies.

The reviewer also criticizes the breeder's vet and alleges fraudulent paperwork. Another negative review accuses the breeder of being a scammer.

Overall, customers have had positive experiences with this breeder, appreciating the health and condition of the puppies as well as the breeder's knowledge and customer service. However, prospective customers should be aware of the negative claims made in one specific review before making a decision.

Best Puppies For Sale Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Donna McDonald

I would like to thank Amanda and Ann Marie for everything. Our much loved Max ( yorkie) was delivered to me in perfect , healthy condition. I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from them . I went to the vet today that they recommended. The vet said Max is in perfect health . Once again thank you sooo much for everything. We love our Max ❤️


yadira sinisterra

My experience was amazing and I really mean that. Right before meeting Amanda on my google search I visited a local
Pet store in my area. I won’t get into to much details but I’ll just say the experience was cold and strictly monetary based. Amanda turned my day around both for me and my family. She is very knowledgeable and a very kind person. Super patient and assistive. We are so happy with our new pup Ace Cookie and with her it didn’t stop at the sale we made a new friend that’s supporting us the whole way through.


April Stanley-Mead

We are amazed of how smoothly everything went! We love our new baby! I highly recommend Best Puppies! Everyone was a please to work with. Thank you!



Seems to be a scam. Look on google maps at the address that they have. It’s a Wells Fargo advisors office. Very sad that this is what you have to do to make money. Get a real job scammers!


Megan Ebert

This place is not a real puppy store. They are puppy brokers for puppy mills in other states. I personally got a puppy and was told it was from a woman in Indiana and they couldn’t provide picture updates because she doesn’t have a phone. However, when I got the paperwork for the puppy I looked up where she came from and it was a puppy mill in Missouri which has a Facebook page. Our puppy had worms kennel cough and other issues because she was shipped in a tractor trailer for days. To this day, 2 years later, she is petrified of any loud trucks due to trauma. Don’t use their vet, they will just cover up all illnesses and don’t overload your dog with the puppy package Joe gives you, which also covers up any issues. Their paperwork is fraudulent. These people are shipping in dogs under ever changing business names to disguise their business partners which are puppy mills pumping out dogs. It’s disgusting.


Dana Ammann

Unethical puppy mill broker. Adopt!!!