Bay Lake Labradoodles (Orlando, Florida)

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  • Rated 4.2/5 with 61 verified reviews.
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Bay Lake Labradoodles Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder has received mixed reviews. Some customers have had positive experiences, praising the breeder for their straightforwardness, dedication to their dogs' well-being, and the quality of the puppies they produce.

One customer even mentioned that adopting a dog from this breeder saved their life. However, there are also negative reviews, with complaints about the treatment of the dogs, including alleged neglect and poor grooming practices.

There is also an accusation of verbal abuse towards employees and offensive remarks about race. Potential customers should consider both the positive and negative feedback before making a decision.

Bay Lake Labradoodles Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jenny Lopez

Hello all. I currently work for this establishment and am in charge of seeing that all her dogs and puppies are very well taken cared of. They get more then enough nourishment and treats. They get baths they go to the vet and they have more then enough play time outside. Ms Marcia loves her doodles and does all she can to make sure they are healthy and happy. When people work for her and come on her website with a bad review it shows the character that they are. And for an old employee to go and call, text and harass until the late hours of the night is very uncalled for. I am a witness to ALL her dogs and puppies being healthy and have way more then enough outside and playtime. ❤️


Alex Karol

I have found my best friend at Bay Lake Doodles. Marcia knows what she is doing as every puppy receives the special care and love they deserve. My days are brighter since I found Kylian and everyone that meets him immediately falls in love with him.


Tara Olmstead

Seven years ago I interviewed several different labradoodle breeders. I fell in love with Marcia at Baylake because she was straight forward with you. She took pride in her babies and would not allow just anyone to purchase her doodles. We purchased our boy Bentley Alan and he is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever owned. Forward to January 23th, 2020. The most horrific day for Marcia and her doodles. Marcia had a house fire. I went to her house that morning and saw the absolute devastation. Marcia was in momma mode taking care of her babies and assuring them it will be ok. I was astonished by the out pouring support Marcia had. She has touched so many lives. As we were preparing to find foster care for some of Marcia’s dog, my husband and I decided to foster Meadow. Meadow is Bentley’s mom. Meadow is one of Marcia’s dogs. One of her dogs that produced a couple of amazing liters. Meadow was retired at the time and Marcia had no intention of selling her or giving her away. Several months had past and we knew that the rebuild of her home was going to take longer than excepted and Meadow was settling in nicely with her son Bentley. Marcia asked if we wanted to adopt Meadow. With tears in her eyes she said that she loved Meadow so much she didn’t want her to have to adjust again once her home was rebuilt. It was the most unselfish act I have ever seen. Marcia had brought more happiness to our life than I can ever describe. Present time… I had to have surgery done a week ago. The nurse that was taking care of me was the sweetest man ever. We started talking about our fur babies. We both chuckled that we both have labradoodles. I told him my story and once I mentioned the house fire he said “That’s Baylake doodles, Marcia Mobley”. I said yes, He started to cry. He explained he worked on the covid-19 unit in the beginning of the pandemic and witnessed so much death, that he contemplated suicide. He decided to get a dog and wanted a labradoodle and came across Baylake doodles. He adopted a dog from Marcia and named him Brody. He said Marcia saved my life by creating Brody. Brody is my purpose and without him I’m not sure where I would be.


dont know

I went to look at Marcia’s puppies about a week and a half ago, the adult dogs that i did see were very matted and their behavior was like they were starving for attention. These dogs need more than just food and water. If they are going to have the longer coats I would think she would know you need to brush them at least every other day or keep them completely shaved down. Then while I was there an employee was just talking with us and Marcia started yelling at her for no reason I thought the employee was about to cry. That is no way to treat an employee. I am hoping the employee quit because nobody deserves verbal abuse even in the work place. Marcia is just cruel how she has stayed in business this long I have no idea. It was obvious that she just cares about the money. She is just another puppy mill. I forgot to mention her house reeked of cigarette smoke. So it was obvious she smoked in the house with puppies in it which can not be good for their small lungs can’t be good for adult dogs. But like I said im pretty sure she is just in it for the money and doesn’t truly care about her dogs.

Edit: I dont know who she is talking about possibly the girl she yelled at for talking to us I didnt get the girls name. If she grooms her dogs as often as she says she needs a new groomer. But still didn’t change the fact I could smell cigarette smoke in the house. We didn’t see how the puppies were kept 2 girls brought them to us in the kitchen. Im glad to hear one girl isnt working for this cruel woman and hopefully the other one quit. As I said nobody deserves verbal abuse specially in the workplace. She is lying about her response because I have NEVER worked for this woman and never would. If my employer yelled at me like what I witnessed i would have walked away right then.


Priscilla Butts

I will say this, as an African American I take offense to anyone saying YOU people or your type. I simply called to inquire about the poodles as I’m searching for a toy poodle. Rude is An understatement for her! I was referred by someone who knew she had poodles. I can’t with certified cash and she not only was rude but brought up race. She never even offered to allow me to make an appointment. Before yelling about making one. I would rather go to petsmart than to purchase a dog from anyone who belittles me.


Elizabeth holzhauer

She does not care about her dogs she keeps them locked up all the time onlys lets them out when people are coming to buy a puppy the poor puppys don’t even get any love or attention she breeds them for the money she is very disrespectful she doesn’t know how to treat her workers..