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Antonia’s Goldendoodle Babies Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Antonia, the Golden Retriever breeder, has received positive reviews from customers who have purchased puppies from her. The puppies are described as healthy, beautiful, and have great temperaments.

Antonia is also praised for her helpfulness in providing advice to new puppy owners and maintaining communication with customers as their puppies grow. It is mentioned that Antonia has created a community of owners through social media, allowing customers to connect with others who have puppies from the same litters.

One customer specifically mentions that their puppy is friendly with children, other dogs, and has been easy to train. Additionally, Antonia is commended for her handling of the puppies, making them easy to live with and well-adjusted.

However, there is one review that raises concerns about not being allowed to meet the parents or the puppies in person, potentially indicating questionable breeding conditions.

Antonia’s Goldendoodle Babies Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Marti M

My husband and I picked up our puppy just over a year ago. She is a micro petite golden doodle. At 15 months old she is a 12 pound source of continual joy to our entire family.
Antonia handles her puppies numerous times a day and in ways that make them so much easier to live with. She arrived super kid friendly, dog friendly and people friendly. Slept through the night within days and didn’t even flinch when I play with her toes. She is smart and house trained easily. I cannot imagine a more chill pup from day one.
We live in an urban area and she greets all people and dogs with enthusiasm. We have flown with her three times and she continues to do a fabulous job. This pup was the fourth dog we have had. While all of our dogs have been wonderful (all were full sized golden retrievers, 1 male, 2 females) we were desiring a smaller pup this time. Thanks to how Antonia breeds and brings up her puppies, I think we have gotten the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. It isn’t unusual for us to have people tell us that they would love to dog sit for us if we ever one. Some have even asked if they could have her. Of course we said no.


Kimberly Bender

We have gotten two mini goldendoodle pups from Antonia’s Goldendoodle Babies, Mya in 2020 and Wrigley in 2021. We had a great experience both times. It is obvious that Antonia cares that all of her puppies find good homes and she likes to get updates on how they are doing. Mya and Wrigley are both very fun and sweet dogs!


Nicole Hall

We have two mini goldendoodles that we got from Antonia and they have made our family is so happy! Both of our dogs have been healthy, are active, very sweet and loving. They are great around children and very friendly with other dogs. I would recommend Antonia as a breeder because her puppies are healthy, beautiful, have great temperaments, and she is so helpful with providing advice if you have never had a doodle. She provided us with pricing and timing for the upcoming litters that she had. She responds to our emails and we keep in touch with her to let her know how the dogs are doing each year. She has also helped create a great community of other doodle owners on social media – we have made friends with people that have dogs from the same litters as our dogs and keep in touch with them. Thank you Antonia!!!


Yulia A

1) The breeder didn’t allow to meet the parents of the puppies (even from a distance even with us wearing masks and gloves). 2) The breeder also didn’t allow to meet the puppy or see him play in the grass even from a distance even when we offered to wear masks and gloves to avoid bringing any viruses to their environment. 3) This are MAJOR RED flags if you check with any reputable breeders. This made me wonder if this is a true puppy mill when you cannot check the conditions of how puppies are growing up or how their parents are treated. I hope I’m wrong.


Mike Mullarky

Be careful with this breeder, No visits, No pricing, no response to emails