Animal Psychology Center (Philip, South Dakota)

  • 501 E Pine St, Philip, SD 57567
  • +1 605-390-7295
  • Rated 4/5 with 23 verified reviews.
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Animal Psychology Center Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Customers buying a puppy from this breeder will find that the puppies are well-adjusted and easily adapt to their new homes. The breeder provides weekly photos and videos to keep customers updated on their puppy's growth.

Customers appreciate the breeder's professionalism, kindness, and dedication to socializing the puppies. The puppies are highly trainable, attentive, and eager to please.

They get along well with other animals and are not easily scared by loud sounds or unfamiliar environments. The breeder is responsive, responsible, and passionate about her animals.

Customers have had success in training their puppies and are satisfied with their overall experience. However, there is a negative review stating that the breeder was unable to provide effective training for a dog with aggression and separation anxiety issues, which resulted in the owner spending a significant amount of money without seeing improvement.

Animal Psychology Center Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


lovnliv4Him Farmer

I got my frenchie pug puppy, FeniQs, from Katherine and he is a golden boy! He is highly trainable, attentive and eager to please. So far he’s had no accidents and no overnight accidents he’s a very fast learner and plays great with our older dogs. He’s not afraid of loud sounds or shocked by the weather or other dogs. He’s a HUGE love bug! He even waits on my move before he moves and can already walk on a leash the proper way. Katherine and her team are extremely responsive and responsible and super loving and caring about her animals and her passion. If you are choosing to buy a pet that’s highly trainable then Katherine’s animals at the Animal Psychology Center are a certain success!! Give her a call or text she’s very responsive and will answer any questions. She offers reliable help with transporting your pet as well so no distance is too far.


Emily Payandeh

My puppy arrived from Katherine Andrews a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier!!! He adjusted really easily to my home, including my 2 crazy loud kids. Nothing seems to phase this guy – the vacuum, the piano, or squirrels in the backyard. He is very laid back and very sweet. While we were waiting for him to be old enough to come home, Katherine sent weekly photos and videos so that we could watch him grow up. She even connected me with a “flight nanny” who brought him from South Dakota to our home in California. THANK YOU KATHERINE! We love our new puppy!


Patty Schoeller

We got our precious Frug from Katherine a couple of weeks ago. Katherine was professional and kind in all our transactions.
Her true dedication to breeding in evident in how well socializing our pup to people and animals. He gets along great with our 11 year old pug. I think he will add quality life to our pug and to us. We are so delighted to have this inquisitive, playful and smart little guy in our home. Thank you Katherine for given him a great start to life.


Adrianna Pritchard

I sent my German Shephard to Animal Psychology Center in June; he spent five weeks there, and cost over $5,000. I thought this was extremely expensive but I was desperate to help my dog and when I originally spoke to Kathrine I explained the issues I was having with my dog and how much I would like to help him because it had become problematic for me and I really loved my dog and hoped to get him the help he needed. She assured me she specialized in my dogs’ specific issues and that she could help. My dog was aggressive towards other dogs and had severe separation anxiety. While there, she suggested that I have him neutered to help him calm him down and make him less aggressive, while hesitant I complied. The day I went to pick him up, he was great, extremely calm and seemed to do well around the other dogs. She showed me how to handle him and I took what she taught me home. He did well for about two weeks then right back to how he was before I dropped him off. I contacted her and she explained to me what I need to do with him. I tried all her suggestions. No luck. So I took him back to her for a refresher course, along with my parents as they were having issues with him also when watching him for me. He was acting up in front of her and she showed us what to do. It worked while there. Again I bring him home and back to the dog he was before I sent him. I contacted her once again and she told me that it’s best to get rid of him because our personalities we will never match and he’ll never behave for me. Not only did I spend all that money for no improvement I now have a neutered dog that I obviously cannot breed to help compensate any of that lost money. The only suggestion she had for his anxiety was to give him Trazadone, which she used while he was there, instead of fixing the actual problem. His lack of training has nothing to do with our personalities; he does not behave well for anyone else either despite my showing them the training techniques she went over with me. For this amount of money I should have a brand new, well behaved dog. Sadly, I do not.


Colby Burke

this place is a scam. look at the prices. the facebook pets for adoption site has this woman black balled. the “adoption” fees are 650, 350, etc. this is a con. too bad for the puppies


Vance Ludington

Took my dog to this phycologist she not only smacked my dog multiple times said if the intervention didn’t work, she recommended to put my dog down….she is lucky I had to put at least 1 star!