American Goldendoodle (Sutton, Massachusetts)

  • 388 Boston Rd, Sutton, MA 01590
  • +1 508-581-8788
  • Rated 4.3/5 with 118 verified reviews.
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American Goldendoodle Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This breeder, American Goldendoodle, has received positive feedback from customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers have praised the breeder for producing smart and well-adjusted puppies with calm temperaments, suitable for being service dogs or for easily adapting to new environments.

The breeder is also commended for their helpfulness and support throughout the process of becoming dog parents. Customers appreciate the breeder's provision of essential supplies and their willingness to answer questions and provide guidance.

It is worth noting that some negative reviews express concerns about unresponsiveness from the breeder, particularly regarding specific inquiries or programs such as the veteran program. One negative review also alleges that the breeder does not breed dogs in her own home and instead resells puppies sourced from various locations.

Customers are advised to conduct thorough research and ask necessary questions before making a purchase.

American Goldendoodle Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Nicole McEwen

I am so grateful to American Goldendoodle for adding to my family. My sweet pup Freya is now just over 3 months old, and is so smart, learning new things every day and settling into the house so well. Her calm temperament has allowed my cat to adjust quickly and easily, and I know wherever my pup comes with me, she will easily make friends with other animals and humans alike. I am hopeful this will be my service dog, and she sure has had a great start to be eligible for that later on. I can’t thank American Goldendoodle enough for the way they start pup’s lives and are there for their owners all along the way!


Heidi Amott

We got our beautiful Daisy 3 weeks ago. She has completed our family. She is the perfect service dog in training! Denise was amazing to work with and she has been super helpful with helping us find our way around being dog parents in a new state. So grateful for our beautiful Daisy.


Xi Wang

We got our little Willie from Denise and we are very happy with our experience. We were not well prepared for Willie before we got him, and Denise had given us a lot of help along the way. She gave us the playpen, bully stick, stuffed Kong toy and washable pooch pads when we brought Willie home, and she was patient answering our questions. The bully stick Denise gave us has been Willie’s all time favorite and the stuffed Kong toy has been Willie’s bedside companion. The advice we got from Denise has also helped Willie learn house rules quickly. Willie is becoming a great companion and a wonderful family member to us. He is also very playful and quite social. Everyone who met Willie love him at first sight!


Melanie Whitcher

BUYER BEWARE! As so many others have said, please do your research! We fell for the cute pictures and purchased one of their dogs. After bringing our dog home and having our vet ask additional questions, we reached out to Denise and we were shocked by the responses (or lack there of in most cases). These dogs are NOT breed in Denise’s home. She gets them shipped in from all over to US and resells them as her own for a huge price tag. She has puppies of all ages and all variations of the Goldendoodle breed available every day of the year for this exact reason! As soon as you ask Denise and specific questions, she will no longer respond to your emails or return your calls. She is running a terrible puppy mill business covered up by cute photos. PLEASE PLEASE do your research and ask the tough questions!


Nick Bunker

Contacted them about their veteran program. No response whatsoever. 6 months later I contacted them about their puppies and got an immediate, yet copy/pasted response asking for a deposit on a puppy. I replied, incquiring again about their veteran program to which they have not responded after about a month. Seems they are only interested in making a quick buck instead of answering specific questions not related to purchasing a puppy.



I reached out to Denise multiple times, spoke with her daily and every time she said she was busy and would call back in a few minutes but never did. After doing more research, I became worried to get a puppy from her, the reviews say it all to be honest. But after only getting to have a five minute conversation, I opened up to her about why I wanted a dog, to help with my panic attacks and companionship, she was very avoidant after this conversation. I believe Denise was discriminating based on my panic attacks, which dogs have proven to reduce. After reading her glamorous site that is basically just a vanity site for Denise, she talks about how many of her dogs go on to be support animals and service dogs. Which was one of the main reasons I was interested in the puppies she raises. It is heartbreaking when someone makes you feel the way Denise made me and my family feel. I feel for the puppies produced by her, and the people that do get puppies from her, better hope nothing goes wrong, she probably won’t answer the phone.