Amber Sky Farm (Columbia Station, Ohio)

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  • Rated 3.6/5 with 23 verified reviews.
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Amber Sky Farm Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Amber Sky Labradors is a highly recommended breeder that provides quality dogs and a great buying experience. Customers praise their knowledge, helpful insights into the personalities of their dogs, and the information packet they provide.

The puppies are described as smart, calm, easy to train, and suitable for all ages. The breeder is known for producing exceptionally smart and well-behaved puppies.

However, there are a few negative reviews mentioning major health issues in some dogs, such as auto-immune disorders, paralyzed windpipe/esophagus valves, inoperable brain cancer, and early onset arthritis. These reviews suggest that customers should consider the potential health costs and emotional anguish when purchasing a puppy.

Additionally, there are complaints about the cleanliness of the puppies and a lack of communication from the breeder after receiving a deposit. Overall, Amber Sky Labradors is recommended for their quality dogs and positive buying experience, but customers should be aware of the potential health risks and ensure good communication with the breeder.

Amber Sky Farm Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Mikaela Whitinger

I have had two phenomenal experiences at Amber Sky. They are great people, very knowledgeable and send you home with the details you need to take care of your new fur baby. I have a 5 year old lab from them and a puppy who is almost a year old. They give great insights on what the dogs personalities may be based on their parents and I’d say both my girls personalities matched to a T. Two totally different dogs but they brighten our lives each the same. Thanks Russ and Kim for the quality dogs and experience buying from you!


Heath Chapman

My wife and I purchased a beautiful 8 week old Black Lab puppy from Amber Sky Labradors and could not be happier! We have owned 2 other Labradors in our life that were very smart and just a joy. Basil our new puppy is exceptionally smart and well behaved for his age. It took 5 days to potty train him. 6 days and he sits fetches and lays down on command. The owners were the nicest people we’ve met. Answered all our questions and made the process a wonderful experience. We highly recommend Amber Sky Labradors for the next addition to your family.


Cheryl Larbus

We purchased a puppy in June. He is smart, calm, but lots of personality & easy to train!! They gave us a great information packet & great tips that made the first night easy!! We have a friend who will be purchasing a puppy soon!! So good, a 5 year old can walk him!


Craig Carpenter

First, I will say that Amber Sky Farm dogs are beautiful. Beyond that, our experiences with Amber Sky Farm are unfortunate. We are on our second consecutive Amber Sky Farm dog. In addition to my testimonial, we’ve spoken to countless other owners of Amber Sky Farm dogs, all with dogs that have had major health issues.
Our first dog was from the early days of Amber Sky Farm. Great disposition. At age 6, she developed 2 auto-immune disorders, each potentially fatal. She was one week away from being untreatable and it was almost undetectable to us. After some improvement from meds and care, one side of her windpipe/esophagus valve became paralyzed, requiring an operation. Eventually, the other side became paralyzed as well. She was kept alive for 3 years until she came down with inoperable brain cancer at age 9. She was well over 10k investment by then, in case money matters to review readers.
Our second dog was very small due to a very big litter (more income), following a failed litter we had reserved a puppy from. We were introduced to the father and told that he was a hellion when young (breeding for disposition not as important as income?). She has been the most stubborn Labrador I’ve seen, born with early onset arthritis. Stem cell surgery, 2 torn ACL surgeries, soft teeth (extractions already) and additional rear leg surgeries so far. At 7, she has been through way too much trauma. She will limp for the rest of her life and will never chew on another bone. We are heartbroken once again. Cost so far, 20k.
While some of the puppies will turn out to be wonderfully healthy, too many are ending up with serious medical conditions. Please consider this when purchasing a puppy from any breeder. Are you ok with spending 20k in vet bills and the emotional anguish of seeing you dog suffer? If so, Amber Sky Farm will gladly take your puppy deposit.
Don’t expect sympathy from this breeder; this is a business. I was told by Amber Sky Farm that breeding dogs is a science. I think health history of breeding stock’s ancestry should be part of that study. I’m guessing it’s not.
This review is based on real facts with some opinion. Some evidence may be circumstantial, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.
— heartbroken (again) dog owners.


Kathryne Gargasz

I would never recommend this breeder to anyone! My husband and I spoke with this gentleman back in the spring, was told that we would be receiving our male yellow lab puppy by August of 2020. We called and texted several times for an update, after not hearing from the breeder. We also left several messages for him to return our call, we still have not heard anything from him. The guy had no problem cashing our deposit, but when it came time for us to get our puppy, he has dropped off the face of the earth. If you don’t want to be ripped off, I suggest finding another breeder!


Hey, That's Fishtastic!

Well where to start.went and look at puppies when they were 4 weeks old.was told they would have 2 rounds of shots and dewormed.well that’s not the case.our pup had 2 different kinds of worms.and another parasite from dirty conditions.they breed a good dog.but do not take care of them at all.beware buying from them.think they just don’t have the time to properly take care of them.took 3 weeks to get our pup to stop having diarrhea.very disappointed