Amazing Goldens (Spanish Fork, Utah)

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  • Rated 4.9/5 with 41 verified reviews.
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Amazing Goldens Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

Amazing Goldens is highly praised by customers for their exceptional breeding program. Customers mention that they conducted extensive research and found that Amazing Goldens stood out among other breeders.

The breeder is commended for their thorough matching process, ensuring that each puppy is matched with the perfect owner. The puppies from Amazing Goldens are described as calm, well-adjusted, and easy to train, which is attributed to the healthy relationship they had with their mother and siblings.

Customers appreciate the breeder's responsiveness and support, especially when it comes to answering questions about food or any other concerns. The overall impression customers have of Amazing Goldens is that the breeder truly cares about the well-being and temperament of their dogs and produces high-quality puppies.

Key Takeaways: 1. Customers praise the thorough matching process conducted by Amazing Goldens, ensuring a good fit between puppy and owner.

2. The puppies from Amazing Goldens are consistently described as calm, well-adjusted, and easy to train.

3. The breeder is highly responsive, providing support and answering questions promptly.

4. Customers appreciate the breeder's commitment to the well-being and temperament of their dogs and the extensive puppy socialization/training they provide.

5. Reviews indicate that Amazing Goldens produces high-quality puppies with excellent temperaments.

Amazing Goldens Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Mia Buchignani

I cannot recommend Amazing Goldens enough. Ashlyn and Nicole were incredible about pairing me with the perfect match for our family. We have a 9 year old golden who is a service animal for me. It was important we got the right fit, taking into consideration my medical needs. They listened carefully to me and suggested puppies based on what was important to me. I wanted a dog who had little alpha, a dog who was docile and sweet (not aggressive), but also physically capable of meeting my medical requirements. We were perfectly matched with our now 5 month old sweetheart. I cannot think of a more perfect dog. She is playful, docile but also highly athletic! She and my 9 year old golden are inseparable! She responds so well to commands and is so so smart! Amazing Goldens ensures all dogs lineage and go through extensive puppy socialization/training before they come home to you. I have no doubt our girl, Mochi, will be the perfect companion and support to me for the rest of her life. My heartfelt thanks to Amazing Goldens.


Alexa Fillinger

Our sweet boy Monty, from Maple and Blue’s litter, is now 4 months old and the absolute light of our life!

We came across Amazing Goldens about a year before we reached out about the litter. Over that year, we completed our research, continued looking at breeders, and decided that Amazing Goldens was by far the best, no other breeders compared!

I reached out to Nicole regarding Maple and Blue’s, at the time, current litter who were ready to go home in about a week to see if they had any available puppies. We wanted a pup from this litter so badly that had they not had a puppy available, we would’ve waited for the next litter.

To our surprise, there was one spot left! Amazing Goldens matches the puppy to you, not you to the puppy, and out sweet Monty was matched to us, and I swear it was a match made in puppy heaven!

We were prepared for Monty to struggle with adjusting to us and his new home, but from the moment we left Amazing Goldens, he knew he was headed to his forever home! He had no adjustment issues and was fully crate trained within 2 weeks! We attribute this to Amazing Goldens and the appropriate/healthy relationship they allowed the pups to have with their mom/siblings, Monty was ready for his new home!

He is the smartest and most calm dog. He picked up training in no time! He is now 4 months and knows all his basic commands and appropriate behaviors for myriad social situations. When we have been out with him, we have seen some full grown Goldens who are just wild and can’t settle, and Monty looks at them like, “…what are you doing?” And we truly believe this is due to the calm nature of Blue and Maple’s litter!

As much as Monty loves to play frisbee, fetch, and chew on all of his toys, his favorite thing in the entire world is cuddles! These dogs are so sweet, calm, and therapeutic! He is the sweetest little guy who just wants to make us happy and cuddle!

When Monty came home we had a few questions about food, and Amazing Goldens responded immediately!

Monty is the best thing to happen to us, I believe he is our soul dog, a once in a life time good boy, and we are convinced these are the best dogs ever! We wouldn’t have him if it wasn’t for Amazing Goldens!


Heidi Ben

We recently purchased a puppy through Amazing Goldens and I cannot say enough good about them. The family is so kind and caring and clearly loves these beautiful dogs. The quality of puppies coming through them is second to none. We spent a lot of time asking questions and meeting the dogs and they were endlessly patient with us.

Our puppy is calm and sweet and very very good tempered. He loves other dogs and people and I’m so excited to have him in our family.

The wait list is long, but if you want a good golden retriever, be patient and get on the list. Good Goldens are hard to come by and I feel like we hit the jackpot with Amazing Goldens.