Al-Bark Kennels (Oakland, Maryland)

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  • Rated 4.4/5 with 56 verified reviews.
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Al-Bark Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

This specific breeder has received positive reviews from customers who have purchased puppies from them. Customers have praised the breeder for their professionalism and honesty, especially in disclosing any health issues that their puppies may have.

The breeder has been described as friendly and accommodating, with a clean and spacious kennel. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the health and appearance of their puppies, and have mentioned taking their dogs to the vet for checkups and shots, confirming their good health.

Some customers are even considering getting a second puppy from this breeder. However, there are a couple of negative reviews that stand out.

One customer experienced behavioral issues with their puppy, which led to conflicts with other dogs and required separation. Another customer had a heart murmur and severe heart arrhythmia discovered in their puppy, resulting in significant expenses for vet bills.

This customer also highlighted possible hereditary heart defects from the puppy's parents. Additionally, one customer experienced severe skin problems with their dog, which required ongoing medical treatment and expenses.

While the majority of reviews are positive, these negative reviews highlight important issues that potential customers need to be aware of. It is important for customers to thoroughly research and consider the potential risks before purchasing a puppy from this breeder.

Al-Bark Kennels Reviews

We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful reviews for this breeder below. We’ve included both positive and negative (if applicable) reviews to give you a better idea of the type of breeder you’re considering.


Jennifer Huston

I can’t say enough how thankful we are for our fur baby Oliver (previously Iggy). He is so special to us. He’s so smart and gorgeous. Al-Bark kennels was wonderful! They did everything to be helpful and answered all of my nagging questions. Sometimes when a litter is born you don’t find what you’re looking for and when I decided I wanted to wait for the next one, they made everything completely easy. We are just crazy in love with him. He’s almost 10 months old and just perfect! He’s been to the vet several times for checkups and to get all of his shots and he’s healthy and happy. I would definitely recommend Al-Bark Kennels!


liz brown

Picked up our snuggle bug golden doodle in early September. She is the best dog….beautiful healthy and loving. friendly staff and beautiful setting. Kennels where mom and pups held were clean and roomy. They offered to allow us to see the mom and siblings while our pup was getting her bath. We r very happy with our interactions with this family run kennel.


kelli leisher

We picked up our girl, Fiona Reign in September. She is now 6 months old. An absolute beauty & joy to our family. She’s a great girl. Friendly & loving. She was 1000% against crate training, she just wants to always be with her people and we are delighted to have her. She’s a typical Doodle, her style, her personality and we can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. Dealing with this Breeder was top notch. Our first pup was found to have a heart murmur, the Breeder told us and gave me the option of purchasing or passing. I thought that was top notch professional. The farm was in a beautiful setting in Western MD. Close to Deep Creek Lake which allowed us a weekend get away too. I would recommend to anyone and we are even considering a second pup this year. Thank you.


Colleen Leavell

As much as we love our 3 year old golden retriever, Harry, our life with him has been extremely far from ideal.

First, he is all the fun things you would love about a golden retriever. He’s smart, fun, energetic, an amazing protector and surveyor of our property, and extremely loyal.

However, at 6 months old he began to fight with our male pug and to this day we have to keep them separated. He is also strange at times with other male dogs who are on his territory. We were prepared to deal with this long term because we love Harry and our pug so much.

Then the worst imaginable happened and Im writing this review because of this reason as a warning. Two weeks ago Harry was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Our 3 year old golden. It’s heartbreaking and also hugely expensive. I texted the owner of Al bark and though an apology was given, nothing was mentioned about a refund or credit. We would NEVER use this breeder again.


Jim B

Our Goldendoodle (from Al-Bark Kennels) is now 4 years old, and after he turned about 1 year old, he started having some majorly severe skin problems. They only stand behind medical issues within one year. It seemed very coincidental they do this. He has scabs randomly breaking out, all over his body. We’ve spent over a thousand dollars now in medical/vet bills, and still have no answers on this cause. Most vets will explain how buying from puppy mills (like Al-Bark Kennels) have a lot to do with confusion in medical problems. It’s extremely unfortunate. We have to spend hundreds of dollars every couple months, for Appoquel, which seems to help. For three years now, we’ve been trying to narrow down this skin allergy to different foods, and we still have no answers (much like the vet). The only other thing we could do is pay to have him diagnosed by a vet dermatologist, but have been informed it could range anywhere from $600 to a couple grand for narrowing down the exact issue.

I’d highly recommend sticking with legitimate breeders, that are not basically puppy mills.

Our vet has also advised how a lot of amish breeders/puppy mills will have all internal connections and contacts (such as licensed vets) that will forge paperwork; claiming the puppies have received all their shots, where a lot of the times they do not.

Just be careful, but I would recommend staying away. This is just a review, and my opinion. However, we unfortunately had a rather negative experience with our poor goldendoodle who has major skin issues now.


Emily Cupp

Went and picked up our goldendoodle in November. Found out at her first vet appointment she had a heart murmur. Things only got worse from there. She has a severe heart arrhythmia with risk of sudden death. Contacted the breeder and we were given the choice between a refund or bringing our puppy back and getting a new one. We chose the refund since our puppy was already part of our family. Our dogs heart issues haven’t gotten any better and we have paid thousands in cardiologist bills so far and she’s only 9 months old. Beware and read other reviews about heart problems!! Her parents were Lafayette and Sparkles. Her cardiologist confirmed her heart defects are definitely hereditary.