5K Kennels (Sioux Center, Iowa)

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5K Kennels Customer Reviews Summary

We’ve analyzed all available reviews for this breeder and summarized our findings below for your convenience!

5K-Kennels is a highly recommended breeder for purchasing a high-quality Goldendoodle puppy. The breeder, Gretchen, is praised for her thoroughness and responsiveness in raising her pups.

Customers appreciate that the puppies are raised in her home and are socialized with her 5 children, ensuring they are well-adjusted to children and household environments. Gretchen also provides regular updates with pictures and videos of the puppies so customers can see them grow before making their selection.

The breeder is also noted for health testing the parents and pricing their puppies fairly. Customers have reported that the puppies from 5K-Kennels are healthy, well-behaved, and bring immense joy to their families.

Overall, 5K-Kennels is a reputable breeder that prioritizes the well-being and socialization of their puppies, making them an excellent choice for prospective dog owners.

5K Kennels Reviews

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Annie Foskett Care Bags Foundation

Cathy Carpenter Wignall wrote: We did a lot of research and visited several other places before finding our perfect pup at 5K Kennels. Gretchen was an amazing breeder to work with- responsive, friendly, sweet and caring and she, her husband and her 5 adorable children gave the entire litter a huge amount of love and attention. The pups were expertly raised in their home alongside Jewel, their gorgeous and gentle golden retriever mother, and had plenty of access to outdoor play in their large backyard. Not only were all 9 pups from this first litter healthy and happy, but they are all incredibly well socialized and adorable, as are all the pups that come from 5K Kennels. We couldn’t be happier with our choice or our doodle- Hope is by far the sweetest, smartest and silliest dog we have ever owned and has brought us immeasurable joy. We look forward to a lifetime full of adventures with her and highly recommend 5K Kennels to anyone looking for a wonderful companion dog.


Trish Johnson

I was very thorough in my search of a good breeder that breeds healthy, well socialized goldendoodles. My biggest fear as a daycare owner was to get a pup that would not like children. When I found Gretchen and her family online, I was very happy to see the pups would be raised in her home, not a shed out back, and that they would be socialized with her 5 wonderful children with lots of play time! Gretchen is wonderful to work with and very thorough in the raising of her pups. She responded quickly to any and all messages via email and or FB. She posted updated pics weekly so I could watch my little guy grow up. She also posted several videos of the pups playing together with her children. These pics and videos were the highlight of my day for weeks! If you are looking to purchase a high quality Goldendoodle, 5K-Kennels is the breeder for you! I could not be happier with my pup!!


Lara Hanlon

We did a ridiculous amount of research before selecting a breeder to use (we won’t even talk about the research we did before deciding to go with a min goldendoodle!). We found some that wouldn’t answer questions or let us see their facilities and were so low priced that I knew they were puppy mills, and we found some that were absolutely wonderful facilities with wonderful puppies, but were really expensive and out of our price range. After searching for months, a woman in a Goldendoodle group recommended 5K Kennels, so I started looking into them. Gretchen spent a good chunk of time on the phone with me answering my questions and I was so reassured by everything she said. Two of the huge things that sold me? The puppies are raised in her house (so they get tons of social interaction and introduction to all parts of a household) and that she has 5 kids who are with the puppies from day one. She also is fairly priced, health tests the parents, and the parents are family dogs/pets – they’re even shown by the kids in 4H! After a litter is born, she shares at least one weekly “posed” picture of all the pups, and usually has at least one more picture and a video to share as well, so you get to see them grow up before you select them. She makes recommendations as to which puppy would work best for your family, and really cares about who the puppies are going to. We’ve now had our puppy a month, and the vet said she couldn’t ask for a better, healthier pup. We all know puppies are crazy, and he is at times, but he’s been as good as we could possibly want. We’re so thrilled with our decision to go with 5K and would recommend them to anyone!